Top Types to Use in 2023 [Data + Expert Tips]

Experimenting with your lead generation content is crucial to build a strong content strategy. Fresh types of content can expand your reach to attract more — and possibly better — leads. The best way to shake up your lead generation content strategy is to take a deeper look into the top types of content that … Read more

How to Increase Survey Completion Rate With 5 Top Tips

Collecting high-quality data is crucial to making strategic observations about your customers. Researchers have to consider the best ways to design their surveys and then how to increase survey completion, because it makes the data more reliable. I’m going to explain how survey completion plays into the reliability of data. Then, we’ll get into how … Read more

How to Create a Lead Generation Website: 9 Simple Optimizations

Optimizing your website to generate leads is a no-brainer. However, it’s not as simple as throwing a “Click Here” button on your home page and watching the leads pour in. Instead, marketers and designers need to take a more strategic approach. In this post, we’ll go over some quick ways that actually work to optimize … Read more

24 Best Free Marketing & Sales Icons for Your Website or App

I’ve abandoned numerous websites that were crammed with excessive text and bulky images due to their challenging navigation and overly bookish appearance. Being both a marketer and a customer in one, I naturally lean towards using icons. They are visually appealing, convey information and intent instantly, and make clicking effortless. But not all businesses use … Read more

Generative AI generates tricky choices for managers

The remarkable capabilities of generative artificial intelligence (AI) are clear the moment you try it. But remarkableness is also a problem for managers. Working out what to do with a new technology is harder when it can affect so many activities; when its adoption depends not just on the abilities of machines but also on … Read more

How a Canadian company became the world’s best acquirer of tech firms

Listen to this story.Enjoy more audio and podcasts on iOS or Android. Your browser does not support the <audio> element. For older startups these are tough times. The weak recent stockmarket debuts of Arm, a British chipmaker, Instacart, a grocery-delivery group, and Klaviyo, a software firm, have dampened enthusiasm for initial public offerings. Venture capital … Read more

Volkswagen partners up for Scout EV development with $492 million deal

Volkswagen has decided to work with another automaker to help develop its revived Scout electric vehicle (EV) brand in Europe, with recent reports saying the company secured an order worth around 450 million euros ($492 million). Graz, Austria-based manufacturer Magna Steyr will develop the two Volkswagen Scout EV models, according to a report from local … Read more