Bad Marketing Advice in Action (and What We Can Learn)

Bad marketing advice can make or break a brand. If marketers sidestep well-meaning but counterproductive suggestions, they’re better positioned to capture consumer interest. What happens if they take this marketing advice to heart? Spoiler alert: It’s not great. Here are 11 examples of bad marketing advice in action — and what we can learn from … Read more

How to Collaborate with Brands as a Content Creator [Expert Tips]

Welcome to The Creative, a series that gives content creators actionable advice from professionals in the creator economy. Whether you’re a seasoned creator or just starting out, read The Creative to learn how to grow your platform, improve your content, and stay ahead in the ever-shifting creator landscape. 

As a content creator, I’ve found the most common question other creators in my circle ask is, “How do I collaborate with brands?”

And it makes sense that it’s top of mind for so many creatives since brand deals are among the primary sources of income for podcasters, influencers, YouTubers, streamers, and more.

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How to Create a Social Media Calendar to Plan Your Content

What do cross-country road trips, wedding speeches, and social media marketing have in common?Planning. I definitely can’t help you with your road trip or wedding speech (sorry), but I can help you create a social media calendar to organize your next marketing campaign. As marketers, we recognize that social media is integral to an effective … Read more