Tesla FSD Beta v12.12 rolls out to customers 

Tesla Full Self-Driving (FSD)version 12.12 is rolling out to customers. The new update promises significant progress for Tesla’s self-driving software.

According to the release notes of Tesla FSD v. 12.12: 

“FSD Beta v12 upgrades the city streets’ driving stack to a single end-to-end neural network trained on millions of video clips, replacing over 300k lines of explicit C++ code.” 

Customers who have already tested FSD Beta version 12.12 on the road shared that the update significantly improves Tesla’s autonomous software. Many FSD Beta testers have reported smoother driving experiences with FSD Beta v12.12 with zero interventions, no takeovers, or awkward moments.

“This car will never get into a collision if you turn this thing on, even in unstructured environments,” said Dhaval Shroff. Shroff likened Tesla FSD Beta v12 to ChatGPT for cars

In December, Elon Musk noted that version 12 needed more training under heavy precipitation areas before being released to customers. It would be interesting to see if version 12.12 has improved FSD Beta’s performance under heavy precipitation areas. 

Musk also stated that FSD Beta v12 will lose the “beta” in its name, marking a momentous step for Tesla autonomous software. 

Are you an FSD Beta tester? Have tried v12.12 on the road already? I’d like to hear about your experience with Tesla FSD Beta v12.12, contact me at [email protected] or via X @Writer_01001101.

Tesla FSD Beta v12.12 rolls out to customers 

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