LG Energy Solution appoints new leaders to spearhead battery plans

LG Energy Solution (LGES) is shaking up its leaders as it initiates phase two of its battery expansion plans. LG Energy Solutions  announced the appointment of a new CEO next year. The current LGES CEO, Kwon Young-soo, will pass the torch to President Kim Dong-Myung. 

“The new CEO, Kim Dong-myung, has a proven track record in the battery business and entrepreneurial success. At a time like this, Kim is expected to show leadership in making LG Energy Solution the No. 1 global company,” LG Energy Solution said in a statement.

Kim will spearhead the advent of LGES 2.0. He won’t be alone, either. Kim will be stepping into the CEO positions with other newcomers. The Head of Automotive Battery Research and Development, Choi Seung-dun, was appointed Vice President of LGES. The battery supplier also promoted four new senior managing directors and 18 managing directors. 

LGES CEO Kwon Young-soo’s Legacy

Kwon was appointed LGES’ second CEO in 2021. He led the battery supplier’s successful stock debut last year, making it South Korea’s second-largest company in market cap. Kwon has closed joint ventures for LGES with global automakers, including General Motors, Stellantis, and Toyota. As of this writing, local reports state that LGES has an order backlog estimated to be worth 500 trillion won ($384.9 billion).

Kim has some big shoes to fill, considering Kwon’s successful ventures at LGES. Plus, Kwon predicts Kim will be stepping into his position during a pivotal time in the global battery industry. 

“Next year, the global battery industry will be at a turning point. LG Energy Solution needs a young and new leadership that can move forward fast to win the competition and gain a strong foothold,” said Kwon in a statement.

LGES’ Market Outlook

Compared to 2022, LGES promoted fewer executives this year. The company claimed it was due to challenging market outlooks and decreasing demand for electric vehicles. The automotive and battery industry was going full throttle in electric vehicle investments but has recently pulled back the reigns.

LGES and SK On laid off workers in North America, initiating plans to reduce EV investments. Like battery suppliers investing in North America, some legacy automakers have become more cautious about their EV investment plans.

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LG Energy Solution appoints new leaders to spearhead battery plans [Feature]

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